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Steps to Take When Getting a Building Permit
There are many people who are focused on building their own homes nowadays. However, some are not aware of the processes that they must go through in order to begin building the house. The first thing that you must get is a building permit. A building permit can be described as an authorization that is given by the government or a body that deals with issuing of building permit to an individual who wants to build a house. The permit can mostly be given by a local authority. You may also ask for a permit if you want to remodel a building. This is to ensure that you comply with the local standards for using the land, construction, or even zoning. Some of the things that the permit may address includes sanitation, drainage system, electrical wiring as well as water supply. There are various things that you must know if you intend to get a building permit.
The first thing you do Is to go to a surveyor who is registered. The surveyor must be from your local area. This is because he understands the local regulations well and understands the terrain. He or she will get the survey plan which is a requirement when you are applying for the permit. The survey plan is the certificate that measures the borders within the prospective land where you will build the house or construction. It is used to give the exact dimensions and all descriptions for the land. Before being given a survey plan, you must first issue a title deed to certify that you are indeed the owner of the piece of land that you are about to build on.
Another thing that you should know is that after the survey plan, there will be an environment specialist who wil check the project which could be a house or a structure so that they can prepare a report. The environment expert will give an environmental impact assessment so that he or she can check is there are any health risk factors. After the assessment is completed, you will be given approval.
Once the above step is done, the contractor in charge or the engineer who is responsible of the whole project will give out the architectural drawings for the house. This is to ensure that the local government approves for the building to go on. Once they are evaluated, the engineer will also issue a structural plan. The structural plan in this case will give out all details of how the building or the structure will be made.
At this point, you have been given a go-ahead on the building process. However, the architect will be required to give out hard copies of all plans so that they can be stamped. This will be done by the local authority. The contractor on the other hand will provide al the details involved in the construction work. After this, a compliance certificate will be handed out. After a few inspections here and there, you will have acquired your building permit.

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