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Benefits of Going to Church

Going to Church is vital to any human being. But most people do not know the importance and the benefits of going to church. But propel got their reasons for not attending church. Just like we’re people do attend church on Saturdays and Sundays. As a parent make sure everyone in Yi our family goes to church. If you won’t make it to church, you should encourage your kids to be in church in time. Some people avoid churches claiming to be tired always. Others say they will attend online sermons. Others claim to be too busy for church. According to the Bible, going to church helps you to grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Again, according to research, people who believe in God tend to live healthy and happy life. Think about it. You can read Isaiah 41:21 to be encouraged as we were all created to worship. Check out the below reasons as to why you need to go to church.

Going to church reduces stress. This is one of the mental health benefits. For sure, you won’t experience much anxiety about the things in the world. Worries and fears won’t put you down. It doesn’t mean that people who go to church don’t suffer from anxiety due to fears and worries but the good thing is that they focus on God and that is why they endure. Going to church gives you hope of living for many years without much worry. A church is an audience and so when attending one you are sure of a great companion. You will get to know Godly people who are ever ready to mentor you. Most church people are like-minded and so they can be of help to you. Another reason you need to attend a church is that you will have the freedom of worship. We were all created to worship our maker and the only place you can freely worship is in a church. This is one way of increasing your faith in God. Going to church enables you to receive your gift. You may have a spiritual gift but it can only be manifested in a church. According to 1 Peter 4:10 God gives spiritual gifts. So, having a local congregation is important.

Going to church allows you to introduce your children to the house of God. Your kids will have the love of God from a tender age. And due to this, your children will lead other members of the church. This is what gives children the courage to deal with the world in a more Godly way. Another benefit of going to church is that it encourages you when you are facing difficulties. The Christian journey is it that. easy and tart is why you need to always be in the house of worship. Still, in church, you will spend time with other brethren to encourage you when you are facings your difficulties. A church is another place you can practice leadership skills. You may be allowed to participate in some leadership positions in your church. Take that opportunity to boost your leadership skills. Church teaches one how to love. You know without love you’re nothing in gods eyes. Attend a good church and you will know how to live with other people while showing love.

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