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Are you a reader? You’ll hear it said that people don’t read anymore but is that true? Well, people might not read as much as they used to because of TV and movies but they still do. In fact some people are still such avid readers. But what is it about books that makes it something talked about alot. If you are a reader, you understand the joy of getting lost in a good story. Once you immerse yourself in the story, that’s it. And you can go on that journey with thr characters in the book. But if you don’t read as much and you need more convincing, here are reasons to read more.
First of all, reading increases your intellect. It is not wrong to say that everyone wants to be more intelligent. You want to know more than you do right now as it increases conversation and it makes you a more interesting person. Wouldn’t it be great if you have something to say about every topic? It not only makes you feel good about yourself but it also encourages people to want to know more. It makes you an all round person that people want to be around. They want to learn from you because you seem very knowledgeable. And this you don’t only get from non-fiction books, you can get just as much knowledge from fiction books like unfaithful, A novel about dysfunctional families.
Reading also helps reduce stress. Thr next time you are stressed about something, take your favorite book and read it. You will realize that once you get into the story and your mind focuses on it, you forget all about the stress you carry. It doesn’t mean that you run away from the stress but reading a book gives you time to de-stress. It allows you time to process the whole situation and as you focus on something else, you burden becomes lighter to carry. You will find that there is a lot more to enjoy in life and you will not focus on the negative.
You will also realize that well read people are more empathetic. When you read, you get different stories about people and learn about the different struggles people have to go through. This softens your heart towards people as you realize that everyone has issues they are dealing with. You become less judgemental and become a lot more loving and forgiving of people. And especially for this book Unfaithful, a novel about dysfunctional families, you will definitely empathize with the characters and understand where people come from.
Moreover, reading improves overall wellness. People who read more live longer happier lives. They are a lot less likely to be unhealthy as reading also helps burn calories. You are using your brain and concentration takes a lot. Also, reading before bed will improve your sleep significantly. And that is why you read to kids before they go to bed. It does something to them, kind of comforts them and they go right to sleep.

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