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Reasons Why You Might Need a Paternity Test

There is quite a lot that has been happening all around the world and especially in America. There has been an increase in the cases of unplanned children. In other words, a lot of people are getting children before the time that they would prefer to have them. This has had a negative effect on the upbringing of the children as well as their parents, especially their mothers. Fatherless America is a book by a prominent Christian writer about the pandemic that the country is facing. There are as well individuals who are more responsible and decide to raise children that are, unfortunately, not theirs. This was something that would go unnoticed in the past. Today, it is nearly impossible for one to get away with this. The inception and development of DNA technology not only help in fighting crime (forensics) but also determine the real parents of a child. This technology has been here for quite some time now. The reason why a huge number of people have embraced its use is its numerous benefits.

Today, there are quite a number of forensic centers where anyone can prompt a paternity test if they are in doubt about fathering a child. There are also a number of clueless individuals who are not aware of the benefits, and much more specifically when to carry out the test. This article will highlight a number of instances when anyone might need a paternity test. First, there is the legal issue of child support and custody. This is often rampant when a child is born out of wedlock. There are quite a number of cases where there has been a tussle between two individuals (supposedly parents) in child custody. In such a scenario, the father is often required to prove that they are the biological father of the child. And this is where the paternity test comes in. Similarly, a paternity test will be needed to compel a father to give child support for their kid. Inversely, a father might need a paternity test to stop paying for child support if they have doubts that a given child might not be theirs after all.

The other reason why one might need a paternity test is for immigration. Immigration DNA testing is quite a thing today considering the high population of immigrants all over the world. This test is required to establish biological relationships for immigration purposes. Another common scenario where paternity tests are often rampant is when there is an inheritance in question. The tests are often used to include or exclude certain individuals from inheriting a property that belongs to a deceased loved one. Closely related, paternity tests also come in handy when the death benefits are in question. And finally, paternity tests usually come in handy when one is digging into their past to establish their roots. A lot of African Americans in the US over the past few years have been digging into their parts to establish their roots.

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